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Thunder Bay - The Democraslayer

Thunder Bay – The Democraslayer

Re: Public Input – Thunder Bay Event Centre Project Public Input  Let me be clear: we have not agreed to build anything yet. We are still investigating. This is important, because we remain committed to garnering public input and opinions. We have done so already through our 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, which shows the majority of […]

The World - Stock Market Rigged?

The World – Stock Market Rigged?

Saw this story on 60 minutes last night. This stuff is not really new as many people have known about it for quite a while.  The problem was that nobody knew what to do about it. Right now, its legal to front trade by this method.  How it is legal, I have no idea. I […]

Thunder Bay - Urban Infill

Thunder Bay – Urban Infill

Def Sup had this going on last night in the downtown north core.  I wonder what the Thunder Bay Art Gallery was doing last night?  You know the gallery that wants $25 million to move down to Prince Arthur’s Landing?  Nothing. Do you really think that the TBAG is worth $25 million?  I don’t.  Especially […]

The World - Backed By Men (I Assume Women As Well) With Guns

The World – Backed By Men (I Assume Women As Well) With Guns

  Fiat currency, if you like, is backed by men with guns.  – US Economist Paul Krugman Yup….and who has the most guns?  If you look at that chart, which country do you think we need to fear?  Russia?  China?  The USA?

Thunder Bay - Possible The Two Report Authors Know What Of They Speak?

Thunder Bay – Possible The Two Report Authors Know What Of They Speak?

Accounting majors Ben Anderson, Lucas Bauer, Nick Dzikowski and Taylor Hosanna faced off against 12 other accounting teams in Winnipeg during the Gathering of Accounting Associates, Professionals and Students to take first place for the university for the second time since 2011. Associate professor of accounting Camillo Lento said it’s a great way to show […]

Thunder Bay - Democracy Disrespect

Thunder Bay – Democracy Disrespect

If you want to see what Sudbury City Hall is doing in its effort to replace their arena, check out this previous post. There is a reason why our City Administrators are ramming this project through our so -called democratic process. Obviously, they have made a commitment to someone. The waterfront development partners?  The Event […]

The World - Hidden Debt

The World – Hidden Debt

Hidden debt.  Not something anyone has ever mentioned before but it does exist. Here in Thunder Bay as well.  Unpaid rent, taxes and utility bills?  The City of Thunder Bay writes off tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid property taxes every year.  Ontario does the same thing. Payday loans? That is one of the […]

The World – How To Start A War

Interesting FYI on what is going on behind the scenes.  Conspiracy theorists may be vindicated. This kind of shit happens all the time. This is how countries start wars and justify invasions.  The same thing is going on right now with the Ukraine. I am wondering what incident will cause the Ukrainians to ask NATO […]

Thunder Bay - Inequality Slows Growth

Thunder Bay – Inequality Slows Growth

  We know that low-income consumers are more likely to spend every last dollar, while high-income consumers tend to save. The idea is that, in a high-inequality economy, there’s less spending, and hence less growth, because the non-rich have lower incomes and thus less money to spend. In this paper, economists Heather Boushey and Adam Hersh […]

Thunder Bay - Is Sudbury Doing This Right?

Thunder Bay – Is Sudbury Doing This Right?

  Costs to build the 14 submissions were from $35 to $85 million each, depending on how elaborate the proposal. Some included convention/event centres in addition to an OHL-ready arena and most assumed a downtown location. Interesting..the most expensive bid was $85 million…in Thunder Bay its $106 million. This has me thinking that BBB Architects […]