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Thunder Bay - It Ain't Over Until The Fat Man Sings

Thunder Bay – It Ain’t Over Until The Fat Man Sings

  City manager Tim Commisso voluntarily stepped into the frying pan by attending the meeting, following the lead of mayor Keith Hobbs who was in the audience for a recent meeting. Commisso was the target for a significant number of the speakers either in favour of a plebiscite or completely against the project, including Smith. […]

Thunder Bay - An Option Of One

Thunder Bay – An Option Of One

Why is the City of Thunder Bay not going the route the City of Sudbury did when looking to replace their aging arena? The first stage is to issue a request for proposals (RFP) to hire a consultant, who will review and analyze the 14 submissions the city received for a new arena. Staff will […]

Thunder Bay - Don't Give A Shit

Thunder Bay – Don’t Give A Shit

I believe that the state of a community’s economy is inversely proportional to the number of cigarette butts you see laying on the ground.  A large portion of the city’s residents have given up caring/never cared about this community.   Its so obvious to me that persons will not use something they care about and […]