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The World - Temporary Foreign Workers

The World – Temporary Foreign Workers

  Yup…they are bringing in temporary foreign workers to work at McDonald’s.  The company admits that 4% of its workforce are temp foreign workers.  Why is that?  Four percent out of 85,000 is still 3,400 jobs being filled by foreigners.  Why? Yesssssssssss…Darth Harper…excellent worker A year old list that shows the Canadian Companies that have […]

Thunder Bay – Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto-call

Something’s happening here..what it is ain’t exactly clear… We just had a robocall survey call ( Saturday April 5 @ 1:30PM ) purported to be from Toronto ( didn’t get the name of the company or phone number )  my wife took.  Several questions were asked in which the respondent is asked if they voted […]