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Thunder Bay - Give Commisso The Finger

Thunder Bay – Give Commisso The Finger

I am starting to wonder if there is any reason to participating in this sham of a government we have here in Thunder Bay.  The City of Thunder Bay is run by the un-elected  administration.  Those bureaucrats can’t be voted out.  They have jobs for life. What’s the point of voting?  Voting only provides a […]

The World - War Is Not Healthy For People And Other Living Things...Unless You're A Banker Or Corporation

The World – War Is Not Healthy For People And Other Living Things…Unless You’re A Banker Or Corporation

When was the last time that any war anywhere amounted to anything more than a swindle for the benefit for the bankers and the war industry or anything less than a blood bath for the average man or woman in the target country?  James Corbett …but there are a lot of people that make money […]

Thunder Bay - Success Thunder Bay Style

Thunder Bay – Success Thunder Bay Style

True…but that depends just how you define effort and and how you define success. In Thunder Bay, well…. In Thunder Bay this is considered success.  Close enough.  The business did make an effort by putting the can there and as you can see, some smokers did make an effort to throw their cigarette butts in the […]

Thunder Bay - The Cost of Wisdom

Thunder Bay – The Cost of Wisdom

But Mayor Keith Hobbs said the public elected council to oversee $2 billion worth of assets, $300 million budgets and corporations like tbaytel. “Yet some don’t want to trust us in getting this project to a shovel-ready stage,” he said. “I’m tired of it.” Council has been nearly unanimous in supporting all stages of the […]

Thunder Bay - Waterfront Rambler

Thunder Bay – Waterfront Rambler

I’m no expert on views and I don’t own a condo on Water Street but I have to believe that the new waterfront condos and the proposed hotel are/will be  having/ a definite impact on the view of the lake.  If you are an owner of either the existing condos on the corner of Pearl […]

The World - ZunZuneo

The World – ZunZuneo

This is how the US stirs up trouble in countries such as the Ukraine using their humanitarian aid organizations. NGOs are supposed to be Non-Government organizations.  Not some US based NGOs.  Another example of the US interfering in another government’s business. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on […]