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Thunder Bay - Who Will Pay?

Thunder Bay – Who Will Pay?

  Drilling at the hydro sub-station that will have to be relocated if the proposed event centre project goes ahead.  Is there PCB spoil contamination?  I guess we will find out. The total cost of relocating and removing this facility has never been addressed in any cost estimate as of yet. Will Thunder Bay Hydro […]

Thunder Bay - Civil Disobediance

Thunder Bay – Civil Disobediance

It is apparent to me that our city council is going to use this fall’s municipal election to confirm their claim that they have a public mandate on the event centre issue. If you do not believe that they have such a mandate, then the only choice you have is to not vote in the […]

Thunder Bay - A Giant Pile Of Bullshit!

Thunder Bay – A Giant Pile Of Bullshit!

I have no interest in this survey what so ever. Why? Who knew even how to find the thing?  Surely not many computer-challenged residents.  I have to believe that results will mean nothing no matter what “things that we can try to do to make it more representative.”  Nothing. But then there was the following… […]

Thunder Bay - How Low Can We Go?

Thunder Bay – How Low Can We Go?

Both our mayor and city manager believe the senior governments can be convinced to pony up two-thirds of the total cost. So if they are correct and the preliminary $105 million construction cost estimate is reasonably accurate Thunder Bay could conceivably get both a brand new 5,700-seat arena and a 50,000 square ft. convention centre […]