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Thunder Bay - The People Trap

Thunder Bay – The People Trap

Imagine walking down this sidewalk at night and….well…. you can just imagine. The best part is that this hole was lightly covered by snow a few weeks ago.  Deadly.  A leg breaker. The life of a pedestrian in Thunder Bay.  Scary.

Thunder Bay -  Opinion Polls

Thunder Bay – Opinion Polls

While results are still coming in, as of Thursday afternoon Yuan said about 79 per cent of respondents favoured building a new events centre. Another 72 per cent said they believed the construction of a new events centre would have a positive impact on tourism. The original structure of the survey was as scientific and […]

Thunder Bay - Supreme Leader, Tim Jung-Un

Thunder Bay – Supreme Leader, Tim Jung-Un

Putting the whole thing on hold for six months at this stage to test the unlikely theory of an often cranky band of opponents that the “vast majority” of city taxpayers want no part of this project was never going to fly. So why did Rydholm, who’s not opposed to it, move that her colleagues […]