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The World – Exnay on the Ichray

FYI World Bank ease of doing business chart here.    

Thunder Bay - Soo Pays $40 million, We Pay $103 million...Sounds About Right

Thunder Bay – Soo Pays $40 million, We Pay $103 million…Sounds About Right

Along with objections of higher costs and taxes, the project ended up at around $40 million with funding from the federal and provincial governments, But Amaroso said the conversation has changed a lot now that the city has attracted conventions, concerts and been able to use the arena in its tourism campaigns. “I don’t hear […]

Thunder Bay - No Shit

Thunder Bay – No Shit

Noront would be happy to hear the province commit infrastructure funding for the Ring of Fire as soon as possible. – Tbnewswatch April 11, 2014 No shit.  Really?

Thunder Bay - Get Mad As Hell

Thunder Bay – Get Mad As Hell

Funny how a 1976 movie gives citizens of Thunder Bay advice that valid in today’s world. Get mad as hell.  Really! Get mad ads hell or City Hall will continue to walk all over you. Continue to treat you like shit.

Thunder Bay - Let The Users Pay

Thunder Bay – Let The Users Pay

  The biggest argument for it being built in the north core is that it is the ‘entertainment district’ of Thunder Bay.  Since this events centre will benefit many businesses in the ‘entertainment district’, maybe the city can look in to how to generate more revenue from everyone visiting the area? Good idea but you […]