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The World - Taxes

The World – Taxes

An interesting rant about taxes…nobody can’t say Stephan Molyneaux is boring… A lot of what he says about government debt  is true.  Mortgaging our children’s future and maybe their children’s future as well.  A lot of US tax references but I believe that most of his rant applies to both countries equally.  Some of what […]

Thunder Bay - Canadian Worker An Endangered Species?

Thunder Bay – Canadian Worker An Endangered Species?

My understanding is that there are workers from the Eastern European country of Georgia employed building the condos at Prince Arthur’s Landing. Sadly, those workers are here legally. My understanding of the situation is the workers have three year visas allowing them to work in Canada. The people who we taxes to, people who take […]

Thunder Bay - Moving Forward

Thunder Bay – Moving Forward

Installed benches and trash cans on Algoma Street today. If you want to sit around the fire…hydrant And then there is the bench installed adjacent to a parking space. Makes things a little tight when getting in and out of your vehicle. Nice.