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Thunder Bay - Fact Based Journalism

Thunder Bay – Fact Based Journalism

Found this comment on the Playing It Safe? Tbnewswatch article.  Too funny. If the Tbnewswatch Admins printed only statements based on facts, that would eliminate almost every statement that comes out of City Hall. The Phase 2 Feasibility Study Report? Gone.  Any statements by anyone touting any economic benefits of the Event Centre? Gone. City departmental budgets? […]

Thunder Bay - Belleville Flood

Thunder Bay – Belleville Flood

Belleville,  Ontario had some major flooding this passed week.  Our mayor went down to compare their flood with the Thunder Bay flood of 2012. Mayor Hobbs wondered where all the feces were because in Thunder Bay, floods are accompanied by a large amount of fecal material floating around in basements near the sewage treatment plant.

Thunder Bay - An Interesting Event Centre Question

Thunder Bay – An Interesting Event Centre Question

An interesting question… If our private partners in the proposed Event Centre , Thunder Bay Live, were given $100 million and asked to build a facility in Thunder Bay that meets all the requirements, hopes and dreams that the City of Thunder Bay has for the Event Centre and told they could keep any money […]

Thunder Bay - City Council Publicity Shy?

Thunder Bay – City Council Publicity Shy?

If the Thunder Bay’s event centre goes ahead, there will be no promise of annual revenue for any hockey team, city manager Tim Commisso said. You can see who really runs this city. Commisso said this in the media.  Commsso said that in the media. An un-elected bureaucrat is continually in the news making promises […]

Thunder Bay - Skin Game

Thunder Bay – Skin Game

Supporters of this project, and that includes the City of Thunder Bay private sector partners Thunder Bay Live,  are happy to get the $100 million arena for free.  They have no skin in the game. Its always easy to support a project that you have no financial stake, no financial risk if the whole facility […]