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Canada - Can't Find Qualified Burger Flippers?

Canada – Can’t Find Qualified Burger Flippers?

McDonald’s uses temporary foreign workers as a “last resort” for employers who can’t find qualified people locally, the statement says. But when necessary, employers must prove that there is a genuine labour shortage, the foreign workers must be provided government approved minimum hours and wages and in some cases provided suitable housing. …can’t find qualified workers…Qualified to […]

Thunder Bay - Are You Somewhat Satisfied?

Thunder Bay – Are You Somewhat Satisfied?

More Lyceum buildings here? More abandoned buildings that are eyesores today and financial burdens to the taxpayers in the future?.   How many buildings does the city pay to demolish annually? Taxes owed and then the cost of demolition.  Its a money losing situation and needs to be addressed. What is our City Administration doing […]

Thunder Bay - Hard Sell

Thunder Bay – Hard Sell

Still some waterfront condos for sale. Twenty-three according to the company. Thought they would all be sold by now. Interesting. I wonder how long after the project is complete before one or more of these condos hits the market? I always wondered who represents the condo owners on a construction site?  Who is looking out for their interests? […]

Thunder Bay - Another Hole Truth

Thunder Bay – Another Hole Truth

There is a big hole, a void under this sidewalk.  Water drains into that void.  Scary.  I have no idea where the water goes.  If the city gets a heavy rain, it will be interesting to see what happens.  

Thunder Bay - Trash Container Design Update

Thunder Bay – Trash Container Design Update

The City of Thunder Bay has new design for trash container.  Not sure if it will catch on but it does make it easier for children to place trash into the container.

Thunder Bay - When Is Enough Enough?

Thunder Bay – When Is Enough Enough?

Hardly a ringing endorsement.  You cannot believe that a referendum process that involves only 23% of the eligible voters can be considered a mandate for a city council to spend any money at all. Also, 9,815 votes out of a possible 76,274 voted yes? And that is good enough? In order for any vote to be […]