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Thunder Bay - Laughing Last

Thunder Bay – Laughing Last

She who laughs last, laughs best eh Keith and Tim? Remember  this and this and this and this and.. I could go on for ever….sigh? I think you, Mr. Mayor, Mr. City Manager and your little dog CJ , owe several people an apology. Seriously. I think the financial pigeons have come home to City Hall and are now […]

Thunder Bay - Another Lazy Sunday

Thunder Bay – Another Lazy Sunday

This Court Street  hazard area is getting worse.  I wonder where all the water and under road/sidewalk material is going?  Previous post here.  City crews did throw some asphalt into some of the holes so vehicles don’t rip their wheels or undercarriages off. Considerate of them. First damaged by the snow removal equipment now finished off by vandalism. […]