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Thunder Bay - There Needs To Be A Reasonable Limit

Thunder Bay – There Needs To Be A Reasonable Limit

  This closure can be measured in weeks instead of days.  Yes…the water and sewer lines are being replaced on Cornwall Street and that does require the intersection of Banning and Cornwall to be closed to traffic for a period of time,,but there needs to be limit here. What time frame is reasonable? I figure […]

Thunder Bay - The City And The Spirit Garden

Thunder Bay – The City And The Spirit Garden

A horror story? A laugh-out-loud comedy? A tearjerker? All three?  I would be interested to read the behind-the-scenes story about how the project went 50% over the original budget estimate. (The original $60 million budget included a new $20 million marina, which was never built) Or how the city spent millions developing the so-called surplus […]

Thunder Bay - McIntyre Street

Thunder Bay – McIntyre Street

Another Thunder Bay street closed. Why? No reason right now because the contractor has moved on to some other location.  I guess the contractor will return to finish this sidewalk installation in…several weeks? In the meantime, the street is closed to through traffic for no reason.  So why not open the street to traffic?  Why […]

The World - Race To The Bottom

The World – Race To The Bottom

Ever since the world got involved in this Economic Globalization, its been all downhill for the economies of the manufacturing industry and Canada is no exception. When products were manufactured in Canada there were good paying jobs that went along with it. Those good paying jobs injected cash into the economy. All was well. Yes, […]

The World - Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick. Tick...

The World – Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick. Tick…

Want to understand just why the today’s stock market is a suckers bet? Read the following articles. Website here How much longer can the house of cards that is the global financial system keep from collapsing?  From crashing. I believe it already has….the smart money is bailing out of the market. Only the stupid money is […]

The World – Who Is Benefiting from The Gaza Conflict?

With great power comes great responsibility – Benjamin “Ben” Parker What is the fighting in Gaza all about?  Who is benefiting from this conflict? See previous post here. Its like shooting fish in a barrel….sickening.      

Thunder Bay - Bring On The Tourists!

Thunder Bay – Bring On The Tourists!

City of Thunder Bay…a tourist destination. Clean, Green and Beautiful.  Lets have a look, shall we?  Lets see what our high taxes are buying these days. Waverley Park And to top it off, the fountain has a leak Hillcrest Park  Prince Arthur’s Landing These three parks are some of a major tourist attractions.  Weeds and […]

Thunder Bay - Tender 14

Thunder Bay – Tender 14

I don’t know about you but what we were told we were getting for $40 million back in 2009 and what we are getting in 2014 for well over $60 million seems so much less. I wonder if that will happen with the $100 million waterfront arena? Promises broken by cost cutting. Notice that the […]

Thunder Bay - CN Station

Thunder Bay – CN Station

My understanding of the original plans for the Prince Arthur’s Landing project had $500,000 earmarked for repair/restoration of the CN train station. Once the private development consortium decided that they wanted to lease the station, that half a million dollars was spent on something else. On what? I have no idea. Since then, no repairs have […]