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Thunder Bay - You Can't Handle The Truth

Thunder Bay – You Can’t Handle The Truth

A few quotes from Henry Wojak’s letter in the Tbnewswatch today. All true. Still harder to understand is how the city manager can find $3.5 million in savings only after learning that the city would be facing a $6.5-$7.5 million unfavourable variance by year’s end. To hear Mayor Hobbs claim that the city paid off […]

Ebolapalooza - Ebola Lands In USA

Ebolapalooza – Ebola Lands In USA

Update to previous post (here, here and here) on the Ebola Virus…. Ebola is said to be spread only by direct contact of bodily fluids. Yes…that includes sex. It is a sexually transmitted disease.  Health officials and media always downplay the risk  of disease spread to avoid panic. As I said before… An FYI so you can […]

Thunder Bay - Freedom Park 2

Thunder Bay – Freedom Park 2

Some additional photos of Freedom Park. The park that is being turned into a parking lot for the proposed $120 million hockey rink. The trees that were transplanted from Marina Park prior to the start of construction of Prince Arthur’s Landing in 2009/2010.   More loss of greenspace turned into blackspace. Don’t it always seem […]

Thunder Bay – No Surprises Here

Of course Council was going to vote to move ahead to Phase 4. They have no choice. Its all about saving face. Its all about refusing to admit they were wrong. Its called Hubris. Coun. Linda Rydholm said she’s convinced that the city is not eligible for enough funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and FedNor. […]

Thunder Bay - $252 million? Why Should I Be Impressed?

Thunder Bay – $252 million? Why Should I Be Impressed?

Incumbent Keith Hobbs credits the current term of council for paving the way to revitalizing infrastructure, spending $252 million over four years for improvements. – Tbnewswatch, September 27, 2014 I would like a little more detail on this spending spree that the present council as gone on.  I think it would help voters immensely if mayor […]

Thunder Bay - Freedom Park

Thunder Bay – Freedom Park

New parking lot number 3…lets have a look at that.  Lets look at Freedom Park, the park that is about to be bulldozed flat and turned into a parking lot. True its not much of a park and is underused but it was built using tax dollars and does contain a few nice sized trees.  An interesting […]

Thunder Bay - A Buffet For Vehicle Break-In Specialists?

Thunder Bay – A Buffet For Vehicle Break-In Specialists?

Look at the new parking lots and where they are located.  Would you feel secure in leaving you car parked there in any evening?  How much money will be spent on security because these are areas that I would not even walk around at night, let alone park my car.  Really….oh wait, you will need […]

Thunder Bay - An Attempt At Election Manipulation?

Thunder Bay – An Attempt At Election Manipulation?

Last week, while making my daily pas through the north downtown core, I noticed that someone had plastered almost every light post on Courts Street, Red River Road and Cumberland Street with these signs encouraging people to vote. I thought that was interesting. The area of the city where the proposed event centre is slated […]

Thunder Bay - Marina Lot?

Thunder Bay – Marina Park….ing Lot?

With all the parking lots that are in our waterfront’s immediate and distant future of our once beautiful and green waterfront park, I think that the time may have come to change the name. When I think of a park, I picture trees and grass, not concrete and asphalt. Unfortunately, the only park-like role in-store for  our […]

Thunder Bay - Government Of Canada Going To Disneyland?

Thunder Bay – Government Of Canada Going To Disneyland?

If it took five years or more to finally pay off those ugly balances on your credit cards, what would you do next? Start building up some savings or, even though you don’t have the cash, take the kids to Disneyland in the spring? (On your credit cards of course). That some us would do […]