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Canada – Tick, Tick, Tick….

Stephen Harper to announce Toronto-based yuan trading hub during visit to China Stephen Harper is set to announce that Canada has landed a Chinese currency trading hub that should boost exports to Asia, when he visits Beijing this Saturday. The Prime Minister will meet President Xi Jinping this weekend and sources suggest he will announce that […]

Thunder Bay - Makes Me Shake My Head in Amazement

Thunder Bay – Makes Me Shake My Head in Amazement

Hmmmm….I still see this shit laying around. I guess Hannam is only paid to make sure the stuff goes out. Gets put up…on everything. But, cleaning it all up?   That is someone else’s job.  I wonder who?  SHIFT?  Can it be SHIFT’s job?  The group can hold an informal, relaxed event, once again connecting […]

Thunder Bay – Nothing Is Set In Stone..Except The Taxpayer Always Picks Up The Tab

Nothing is set in stone. – Next stage in waterfront development taken to the public at open house, tbnewswatch That statement includes all the planning, design and bidding process…and some of the construction. The only way you will know what the Thunder Bay’s Waterfront will look like, is to wait until the construction equipment leaves. Up […]