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Thunder Bay - Misdirection

Thunder Bay – Misdirection

In order to end the public discussion on the $120 million multi-purpose arena, our city government trots out a mysteriously, delayed waste of time public information session on a project that has no funding, no budget and no timeline…..nothing really. You know that the work on Tender 14 of Phase 1 of the waterfront development […]

The World – The Great Conspiracy

This is a 9/11 investigation from back in 2004 that makes some interesting points. If you don’t give a shit about 9/11, then skip it…but I believe, if you watch it, it might make you want to question more. An interesting FYI that underlines the fact that governments use fear to manipulate public opinion. The […]

Canada – Who’s Lying Now?

A leaked Pentagon briefing says Canada has signalled to Washington that it wants to buy at least four F-35 stealth fighters, but a spokesman for Public Works Minister Diane Finley insisted Friday that no decision has been made. Marcel Poulin, a spokesman for Finley, insisted Friday that “no decision has been made on the replacement […]