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The World - Tick, Tick, Tick

The World – Tick, Tick, Tick

When this sham finally buckles and the next shoe falls and rates do eventually rise, the stock market will tank, liquidity will die, and the broader economy will plunge into a worse Depression than before. We are not there yet because of these coordinated moves and the political force behind them. But we are on […]

Thunder Bay - Cure Often Worse Than The Disease

Thunder Bay – Cure Often Worse Than The Disease

I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security. – Jim Garrison Looks like it will come to Canada and Thunder Bay exactly the same way. Security. Whether we need it or not. Remembrance Day in Thunder Bay…  Funny, the local media never touched on […]

The World - Backdoor Bailout

The World – Backdoor Bailout

AIG received a huge pile of bailout cash from the American taxpayer back in 2008. To show its gratitude, AIG is suing the US Government.  What? What an ungrateful asshole….right? That’s what I thought until I started to read about what really happened. there was more to it than I thought.  Much more. Backdoor bailout…remember […]

The World - Just Pass Go And Collect $100 Billion Dollars...Jail?  You're Joking...Right?

The World – Just Pass Go And Collect $100 Billion Dollars…Jail? You’re Joking…Right?

A very enlightening article about some of the shit that led up to the 2007/08 global financial meltdown. The bankers were criminals. Plain and simple, they robbed the world of hundreds of billions of dollars.  Moved the world into a near depression. Put tens of millions of people out of work. And they did not […]

Thunder Bay - The System Has To Change

Thunder Bay – The System Has To Change

Recently there was a debate between Andrew Coyne and Don Lenihan about mandatory voting as a way to ensure voter turnout numbers increase. Coyne arguing in favour of mandatory voting and Lenihan making the argument against. If you want to read Coyne’s argument, click here. I don’t believe in mandatory voting so I am not […]