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Canada - Support Our Troops?  Why?

Canada – Support Our Troops? Why?

Not all teachers, hospice workers or social workers are heroes, but emphasizing the heroism of those who do commit to their clients, patients and students with love and service would cause a shift of America’s fundamental values. It would place the spotlight on tender and selfless acts of solidarity and empathy for the poor. Calling […]

Thunder Bay – Income Inequality

There is growing evidence that a high level of inequality hurts economic growth — presumably something voters ought to take seriously. Even more worrisome is the impact on democracy, as Canada’s 70 billionaires and hundreds of multi-millionaires become ever more dominant in the political sphere.  – Linda McQuaig, iPOLITICS Who really cares? Nobody. Its not […]

Thunder Bay - Shelter House And Convention Centre

Thunder Bay – Shelter House And Convention Centre

Coun. Rebecca Johnson said she’s disappointed that the funding has been deferred, especially when the current term of council is nearly the same as the new one. “To me there is no reason to having it postponed,” she said. the city fully supports the S.O.S. program but the funding needs to be committed by the […]