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The World - NAFTA's Role In Mexico's Drug And Political Corruption

The World – NAFTA’s Role In Mexico’s Drug And Political Corruption

According to a recent investigation by Greenpeace, new legislation by Nieto’s government promises to transfer land used for agriculture and even national parkland into the hands of global energy giants keen to frack every last drop of oil and gas out of Mexico’s resource-rich land. There is also increasing pressure from global agribusiness lobbies to […]

Ebolapalooza -  Ebola Stricken Surgeon Dies

Ebolapalooza – Ebola Stricken Surgeon Dies

Yes, the Ebola outbreak is still happening.  The US government has muzzled the press…for our own protection of course….because the press tends to sensationalize everything in the name of ratings.  So….we only get the information that the World Health Organization and the Center For Disease Control allow us to have. Salia, a surgeon, was treating patients […]

The World – Permanent Foreign Workers…

Sound familiar?  Funny that wage increases are never part of the solution.  The solution is always finding workers that will work in London , one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, for minimum wages. Canadian TFW problem is exactly the same. Previous posts here, here, here, here….there are lots….

Thunder Bay - The Old Way Is Still The Best

Thunder Bay – The Old Way Is Still The Best

If you look back at how the municipal election was handled by our City Hall staff, you might get the feeling that failure was the goal. The whole setup…trying to encourage a larger voter turnout and having so few polling locations. Turns out voter turnout did not increase over the 2010 numbers, yet polling stations […]