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The World - We've Known For....

The World – We’ve Known For….

We’ve known for 5,000 years that mass spying on one’s own people is always aimed at grabbing power and crushing dissent, not protecting us from bad guys. We’ve known for 4,000 years that debts need to be periodically written down, or the entire economy will collapse. And see this. We’ve known for 2,500 years that […]

Thunder Bay - Now Where Have I heard This Before?

Thunder Bay – Now Where Have I heard This Before?

Arts and Entertainment? Really? Closing schools and laying off teachers is Arts and Entertainment news?  Only in Thunder Bay. Reducing the number of classes, whether it be through school closures or split grades has the potential to result in teacher layoffs. Officials with the Lakehead Public School Board declined to be interviewed for this story. […]

Thunder Bay - The Waterfront Fountain...Winter Edition

Thunder Bay – The Waterfront Fountain…Winter Edition

Finally, this week, enough of the leaves have fallen off the trees located around the fountain in Prince Arthur’s Landing to allow the long-time idle  fountain to be turned into a skating rink. Not sure what all these cracks in te ice are about.  They are not everywhere. Just in some locations. A large portion […]