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Canada - Manufacturing Fear

Canada – Manufacturing Fear

– James Risen, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War There is an interview with James Risen in The Intercept which you can read  here. Manufacturing fear…in Thunder Bay?  Well…. Remember Remembrance Day?  The Thunder Bay Police Department making people feel safe by protecting them from….well…nothing? Why do you think that was done? Who benefits […]

Canada - Nazis? Turns Out Canada Thinks They're OK.

Canada – Nazis? Turns Out Canada Thinks They’re OK.

World War II….Remember World war II?  Hitler and Nazi Germany were the bad guys. Nazi’s…REALLY bad guys. Thousands of Canadians died fighting Nazis. The Holocaust? A Nazi program. Nazism was bad. Who wants that around? Turns out Harper does. Why is it that not one Canadian mainstream media reported this?  Do they not think its […]