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Thunder Bay - Media Grave Robbers

Thunder Bay – Media Grave Robbers

Recently, both the Chronicle Journal and Tbnewswatch ran articles quoting former Thunder Bay resident Michael Rapino on how this city desperately needs a venue for him to book his acts so he and his company can make a lot of money. I am not going to get into the debate about what this city desparately […]

Thunder Bay - Thunder Baywatch Update - Mens Of The Deep

Thunder Bay – Thunder Baywatch Update – Mens Of The Deep

  No hotel yet…Delta Hotel or Marriot Hotel or Delta Hotels by Marriot or whatever the thing will be called….but I did get some video of  the work being done underground, out of public view.  Also, I caught the workers heading home at the end of the day….Heigh hoooooo! I will keep you up to […]

Thunder Bay - A Rack Too Far?

Thunder Bay – A Rack Too Far?

The City of Thunder Bay promotes a new type/style of bicycle rack. More secure and more visually appealing. These new and improved bicycle racks were purchased by local businesses and installed in front of their storefronts. I still think they are too close to the street and get in the way of snow clear and […]

The World – Is The Crash Inevitable?

An interview  (four parts) with economist Richard Wolff about the problems with the present economy and what the future holds.  Turns out that the economic crash is inevitable.  This year, next year, the US economy is going to implode.  What will be the trigger?  Interest rate hike?  Additional quantitative easing?  Greece declaring bankrupt and leaving […]

The World - Web Exclusive With Greg Palast

The World – Web Exclusive With Greg Palast

Greg Palast is a NY Times best selling author. investigative journalist that now works mainly outside of the US.  Why?  So he can continue to ply his trade without going to jail.  The US has been busy jailing or trying to jail whistleblowers and reporters connected to them.  Secrets…Harper is also trying to do the […]

Thunder Bay - The Fountain After It Rains

Thunder Bay – The Fountain After It Rains

I always find interesting things after it rains.  Since water flows downhill and stays in the lowest spot you can tell quite a bit about the surface of things that are supposed to be flat and smooth.  Things normally invisible become very clear.  Works great on newly paved streets. This is the fountain at Prince […]

The World – Priorities

A government that truly cares about its citizens would place those very citizens high on the priority list for spending of tax dollars.  Thats what you would think.  But the U.S. is not such a country.  Not even close. The US government has lost all touch with reality.  It is the most corrupt government on […]

Thunder Bay - As Good As It Gets?

Thunder Bay – As Good As It Gets?

Saw this yesterday at the corner of Cooke and St. Paul Streets.  Who owns it?  Well I can’t say for sure but Tbaytel was working on Cooke Street… If the sign does belong to Tbaytel, then maybe, just maybe, the company should take $50 from the annual $17 million it gives the city every year […]

Thunder Bay - Take Another Bite Out Of That Shit Sandwich

Thunder Bay – Take Another Bite Out Of That Shit Sandwich

Stick to Golf Links plan …what we are asking of the city – that is to build Golf Links Road, as  four-lane road, in the manner it was initially promised in its own document, prepared by the city on behalf of the city and approved by the city and the MOECC, accepted by the city […]

Thunder Bay – 100% Private Funding? Go For It. You Don’t Need The City’s Permission

Company proposing Thunder Bay solar panel plant unsuccessful in other cities A company that outlined a plan to Thunder Bay councillors on Monday night, about building a solar panel manufacturing facility in the city, has made similar presentations to other communities. Energy North Bancorp told council on Monday night it wants to build a solar panel […]