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The World - GM Flying Ants...Yes....GM Flying Ants!

The World – GM Flying Ants…Yes….GM Flying Ants!

Yes…instead of not killing the bees, Monsanto wants to keep killing bees and replace all those dead bees with GM flying ants. Genetically modified flying ants! The taxpayer will pay Monsanto to solve the problem of disappearing bee colonies…a problem Monsanto caused.  Monsanto will make money on both ends….killing bees and replacing dead bees. GM […]

Canada - Negative Growth?  Is That Really A Thing?

Canada – Negative Growth? Is That Really A Thing?

Harper won’t talk recession a day before key economic numbers are released Stephen Harper is dodging questions about a possible recession a day before the release of new economic numbers which are expected to show a second quarter of negative growth. Technically, two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP signal a recession, but the prime minister […]

Canada – Canada Killing Civilians In Iraq?

Canadians killing Iraqi civilians? It sure looks like that is a distinct possibility. If it turns out to be true, maybe our politicians can explain to us just how that helps Canadians be more secure.  Killing civilians in the Middle East and Afghanistan has not worked that well for the US. Nobody speaking about this […]

Thunder Bay - A Glimpse Our City's Past

Thunder Bay – A Glimpse Our City’s Past

A piece of Thunder Bay’s past. Renovations on a Cumberland Street storefront has exposed an old sign from a business long gone. There was a William Charles McFarlane on Port Arthur’s City Council back in 1933.  I wonder if this business was owned by that man. There were probably a few people with McFarlane  name […]

Thunder Bay - Was Sale Of Municipal Golf Course Bidding Processed Rigged In Favour Of Bruno Construction?

Thunder Bay – Was Sale Of Municipal Golf Course Bidding Processed Rigged In Favour Of Bruno Construction?

It appears that the taxpayers of Thunder Bay may have got screwed….again. I believe that this article shines a bright light on the back room politics that go on in our City Hall.  A lot of mutual backs-scratching and the currency appears to be publicly owned land. Hmmm…I wonder….Prince Arthur’s Landing?  Same thing? A substantial […]

Thunder Bay – Could And May And Might

Tweaked bus routes could perk ridership – Chronicle Journal read full article here Yup….could.  The CJ says new bus routes COULD perk ridership.  I say that it MAY make no difference whatsoever. We both MIGHT be correct.  

Canada – Rockin’ In The Free World – Ontario Edition

Think you own your home?  You paid for it.  You maintained it.  But do you own it? Apparently not. provincial legislation lets school boards take land without consent, so long as it is in the broader public interest and owners are compensated. A school board can just pay you some money and kick you out. […]

The World – Do You Want Governments Telling You How And When To Spend Your Money?

I know that I keep bringing this point up, but I believe it is extremely important. We are slowly losing control over our worlds. Losing control over our families. Losing control over our own bodies.  Losing control over our money. Mandatory vaccination. Abolition of cash. Mass surveillance. It all has to do with controlling every […]

The World – Pacific Coast Showing Signs of Radioactive Cesium From Fukushima

Might be time to avoid seafood originating from west coast.  Maybe avoid swimming in the Pacific Ocean.  Maybe avoid the whole west coast. Fukushima…remember that?  Its the nuclear gift that keeps on giving. We are fucking up this planet big time.  Human extinction is looking more and more likely that it will happen sooner than […]

The World - Stock Market Is A Casino

The World – Stock Market Is A Casino

How much does the stock market have to do with the economy? Nothing. Check out this video and see if you can understand just what is the point of the stock market.  Why does it exist? Derivatives. Short selling. What do they have to do with boosting an economy? With creating jobs?  Nothing. Here is […]