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The World – Monsanto Hid Evidence For 40 years

Thanks to the Trans Pacific Partnership, we can look forward to corporate lies and fraud on a regular basis…and there will be nothing we can do about it….EVER!  Hurray for us! Roundup causes cancer: Monsanto hid evidence for 40 years while lying to and defrauding Americans, FOIA documents show The downfall of the Monsanto chemical […]

The World – US And NATO Unhappy That Russia Is Attacking ISIS

Russia hurting ISIS in Syria and NATO and US extremely unhappy.  Why?  I thought ISIS was the bad guys.  The world’s greatest terrorist threats. Not so… Maybe this US and NATO unhappiness has more to do with the fact that ISIS was created by and fully supported by the US and NATO? Watch for some […]

Canada - Masks, The Niqab And Bill C-309

Canada – Masks, The Niqab And Bill C-309

Wearing a mask at a riot is now a crime A bill that bans the wearing of masks during a riot or unlawful assembly and carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence with a conviction of the offence became law today. Bill C-309, a private member’s bill introduced by Conservative MP Blake Richards in 2011, passed third reading […]

Canada – The Once Proud Canadian Armed Forces Turning Into A Laughing Stock

HMCS Athabaskan tied up in U.K. after engine fails HMCS Athabaskan is tied up in the United Kingdom after a lubrication oil failure in the starboard cruise engine. The vessel was travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to take part in two multinational military exercises called Joint Warrior and Trident Juncture. A mobile repair team is headed to the U.K. to replace the engine, […]