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Canada – Why The TPP Is Bad For Canadian Workers…Using American Workers As an Example

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explains precisely what’s wrong with the TPP…at least as far as Canadian and American workers are concerned. Exactly….just how are workers that are paid well, with benefits going to compete against low wage countries?  They can’t and won’t.  That is exactly the point.

The World - Shouldn't Tolerate Intolerance?

The World – Shouldn’t Tolerate Intolerance?

If you are teaching intolerance, we’ll shut you down.  – UK Prime Minister David Cameron The UK is not going to tolerate intolerance?  Anyone else find this statement rather ironic?

Thunder Bay - The Peter Principle

Thunder Bay – The Peter Principle

Sigh…the more things change, the more they stay the same… City shuffles top staff Vacant City of Thunder Bay positions have been filled with some familiar faces. As city manager Tim Commisso is set to retire at the end of this month, council appointed Norm Gale as the acting city manager. A new general manager […]

Canada – Buying Support For the TPP With Our Own Money

You know a deal is good deal for Canadian workers when the government has to spend $5.3 billion to help Canadian industry  “deal with the reduction in tariffs”. “deal with the reduction in tariffs” is code for “look for another job”. If re-elected, the Conservatives would provide $1 billion over 10 years beginning in 2018, when […]