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The World – Monsanto Plans To Layoff 2600 Employees

Looks like the war on Monsanto is starting to pay off….We must keep up the pressure…We are winning. Monsanto to Eliminate 2,600 Jobs Monsanto plans to cut 2,600 jobs in cost-saving effort, posts 4Q loss amid falling seed sales. Monsanto Co. said Wednesday it will eliminate 2,600 jobs as part of a cost-saving plan designed […]

Canada - Lets See The Text..Steve

Canada – Lets See The Text..Steve

Canadian government omits key auto sector detail of TPP deal The Canadian government has omitted a detail from its public explanation of what would change for this country’s vital auto sector under the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. And pressure is building on Ottawa to release the full text of this massive Pacific Rim deal before […]

The World – US Spent $100 Billion Training Foreign Armies

Think about it. This is a country that is cutting back on education budgets and some of its cities are cutting off water services to its residents.  High student debt.  Low minimum wages. Crumbling infrastructure.  An insane amount of crumbling infrastructure. It makes you wonder just who the US government is really working for.  Its […]

Thunder Bay - Are They Really Piers?

Thunder Bay – Are They Really Piers?

Are they really piers? This passed summer, while I was making one of my daily trips through Prince Arthur’s Landing, I overheard a visitor asking some people where the “centre pier” was. The two locals did not know which “pier” was the centre pier.  Luckily, I was able to help the gentleman. When I pointed […]

Thunder Bay - Could Be Nothing.... Could Be Something

Thunder Bay – Could Be Nothing…. Could Be Something

Noticed this at the waterfront fountain. If you remember a pair of previous posts about the fountain, (here and here), repairs were needed, repairs were made. Now, there appears to be a leak of some sort.  Its green….coolant?  Could be “nothing”. Could be “something”.  I’m betting on “something”. How old is the fountain? Four years?  […]