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Canada – Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

Economy adds 12,000 jobs in September, unemployment rate rises to 7.1 per cent The Canadian economy added 12,000 jobs in September, but the unemployment rate climbed to its highest level since February 2014 as more people entered the labour force. The gains were entirely to increased part-time work, which added 74,000 jobs, while full-time employment […]

Thunder Bay – Online Voting Will Benefit Everyone Except The Voters

The city is hoping to have its electronic voting up and running should a by-election take place after the federal election. A pair of requests for proposals are out right now as the city looks for electronic voting, both internet and telephone, and it electronic tabulator. “So we’re ready not only for the 2018 election […]

Canada - Leaked TPP Chapter On Intellectual Property Rights

Canada – Leaked TPP Chapter On Intellectual Property Rights

Another leaked TPP chapter…this one deals with the issue that includes generic drugs. This is an issue that is becoming increasingly important as the Canadian population ages. There are many people that depend on prescription drugs simply to stay alive. How much is a life saving drug worth?  I am sure we will soon find out the […]