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The World - Two Weeks From Midnight

The World – Two Weeks From Midnight

You know the game of chicken? Imagine two of the worlds most powerful military nations (with nuclear capabilities) in the world playing that game with ships. Well that is about to happen in the South China Sea. Gulf of Tonkin incident…Does anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident that happened back in 1964?  That incident […]

The World – More TPP Analysis Explaining Just How We, The People, Are Being Screwed

More TPP potential analysis explaining just how our government has sold us out to the global corporatocracy. Jobs? Dream on… The TPP Is Not About Job Creation….It Never Was The TPP, like all modern “free trade” agreements, contains no concrete measures to directly protect or create employment. On the contrary, it ties governments’ hands in […]

The World – Fracking In The Amazon Rainforest…Oh Joy!

Fracking in the Amazon rainforest…what could POSSIBLY go wrong? Brazil to Auction Fracking Licenses in the Amazon Brazil is about to auction hundreds of fracking blocks across the country – extending deep into the Amazon forest including the territories of remote and vulnerable indigenous peoples. Registered bidders include BP, Shell and ExxonMobil. The Brazilian government […]

The World – More TPP Criticism From Americans…Where Are The Canadians?

Why is it that the Americans seem to be vocal in their objections to the TPP?  Canadians seem to be slow in grasping the seriousness of this managed trade deal. Our government is selling us out to giant corporations.  Its that simple. As TPP Deal Inked, Guatemala Labor Case Unmasks Free Trade’s Empty Promises “NAFTA […]

Thunder Bay - The Season Of The Gun

Thunder Bay – The Season Of The Gun

And so it begins… City workers give CUPE strike mandate Members of CUPE Local 87 have voted to give their union a strike mandate, in its negotiations with the City of Thunder Bay. About 600 city workers were eligible to vote Thursday. CUPE 87 president Marie Dean says they had a large turnout. Although she […]