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Thunder Bay – Superior North NDP Desperate? Looks Like That Is The Case

It appears the NDP is getting desperate in the Thunder Bay- Superior North riding. I saw this ad on YouTube today.  A national ad campaign tailored to each riding.  Personalized if you wish. I am sure that Green Party candidate Bruce Hyer and Liberal candidate Patty Hajdu will both be surprised to see that the […]

Thunder Bay - Weekend Updates

Thunder Bay – Weekend Updates

Saturday and Sunday strolling around the north core/waterfront area updating some infrastructure that was mentioned in previous posts. The Lyceum building.  So…what exactly is happening with that building?  The City of Thunder Bay managed to find a buyer to save the iconic building from the wrecking ball but all that seems to have come to […]

The World – Is A Global War the US’s Only Hope?

Will Syria lead to a World War? Is Syria the Americans last hope to reestablish themselves as the lone global superpower?  Is a world war the only way left for the US to deal with its collapsing financial system?  Wipe the financial slate clean? US versus Russia?  US versus China?  Does the US really believe […]