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The World – We Should Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots

There is more than enough money circulating around the globe right now so that everyone can live a comfortable life. The problem is that most of that money flows into the pockets of a small group of corporate elites and bankers.  Little if any of that money manages to make it down into the hands […]

The World – The Security Industrial Complex Requires Public Insecurity To Exist

Big story…all over the mainstream media. BBC, CNN, NY Times, The Guardian, ABC News, Japan Times, and on and on… Moldova police arrest ‘uranium-smuggling gang’ Moldovan police say they have arrested seven people suspected of smuggling uranium from Russia to sell it on. About 200g (7oz) of the material was seized in a raid last […]

Canada – Low Interest Rates A Major Cause Of Failed Economy

  Stephen Poloz blames ‘bad choices,’ not monetary policy for record debt Central bank governor tells Washington, D.C., audience that borrowers and lenders are ‘1st line of defence’ , Stephen Poloz told a banking audience on Monday. In his last scheduled public appearance ahead of Monday’s election and the central bank’s latest interest rate decision […]