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The World – Fiat Chrysler US Agreement Doubles Number of Temp Workers

The American autoworkers union to vote on allowing Fiat Chrysler to double the number of temporary workers.  Savings from this concession helps offset pay raises given to almost half of company’s unionized hourly employees. Temps get paid less, no pension plan, no vision care plan, no drug plan BUT they get to pay union dues.. […]

The World – Halloween Asteroid FYI

An FYI about a 2000 foot long asteroid that will be passing close to earth at the end of October. Unfortunately, this asteroid really exists. The JPL website is here.

The World – Mass Surveillance Is Not Really About Security

If you ever wonder what all the mass surveillance  of the population is REALLY about, then you should watch this video. Security? Stopping terrorist attacks? Nope… Its all about blackmail. Gathering information that can be used against powerful people.  People such as politicians, judges, bankers, environmentalists and so on…Information that can be used, at some […]

Thunder Bay – How Its Done In Peel Region

An article dated last July that is about a PEEL Regional Police officer that had her gun stolen out of the trunk of her personal car. She was charged with careless use of a firearm. Charges were laid within a week of the incident. Charges were laid while the Peel Regional Police Department is conducting […]

Thunder Bay - Will Phase One Of Prince Arthur's Landing Ever Be Finished?

Thunder Bay – Will Phase One Of Prince Arthur’s Landing Ever Be Finished?

It looks like the Market Square feature of Thunder Bay’s $60 million premier tourist destination is not going to be built this year. Neither are any of the buildings promised by the developer in the lease agreement with the City of Thunder Bay. Tender 14, which is supposed to finish everything that has not yet […]

Thunder Bay - Waterfront Fountain Update

Thunder Bay – Waterfront Fountain Update

Yup..looks like something alright. See previous post here. There is definitely some green liquid leaking out of this repaired area.  Unless this is a gull toilet area…but I have my doubts about that.

Thunder Bay - Lyceum Building And Other Pigeon Condos Additional

Thunder Bay – Lyceum Building And Other Pigeon Condos Additional

Some additional photos of the rear Lyceum building not shown in previous post.  Notice the open windows and second floor door. Appears that the building has once again been abandoned.  I believe the City of Thunder Bay is ready to wash its hands of the place. As far as pigeon condos go, there are still […]