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The World - The Drone Papers

The World – The Drone Papers

If your interested in glimpsing into Nobel Peace Prize winner US President Barack Obama’s drone wars, The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents from a whistleblower.  Worth a look and read. Truly disgusting program. The Drone Papers – The Intercept also watch Young Turks discuss this topic

Canada - The Economy...Why The Election Will Not Change Anything

Canada – The Economy…Why The Election Will Not Change Anything

This election campaign has been mostly centred on the economy.  All the political parties have solutions for the stalled Canadian economy, all of which will work…guaranteed. All except for the Conservatives, of course, who think the economy is doing just fine. The problem with all these so-called economy boosting solutions is there is little if […]

Thunder Bay - What $40 million? Are We Supposed To Be Impressed?

Thunder Bay – What $40 million? Are We Supposed To Be Impressed?

Road Work Ahead: Fall update 2015 The City of Thunder Bay is investing $40 million on road and sidewalk rehabilitation, residential paving, sewer and watermain repair/replacement, bridge work and streetlight renewal, including $380,000 in the Enhanced Infrastructure Renewal Program Capital Budget in 2015. Construction projects will continue in October and November and can result in […]

Thunder Bay – $22 million Over Three Years Is Low

City budget needs may require $22.5 million more from taxpayers over three years The city thinks it needs around $22.5 million from taxpayers over the next three years. Council will hear Monday that an average of 4.2 per cent increase each year will be needed over next three years for its tax levy. It estimates […]

Thunder Bay – Nothing Plus Nothing Can’t Equal Something

Polls showing a much tighter race in Thunder Bay ridings than many may have believed They’re by no means scientific. But three national poll aggregators suggest much tighter races in Northwestern Ontario than originally expected by many experts. article disclaimer The Signal makes its projections at the riding level by extrapolating national and regional estimates. […]