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The World – US Department Of Homeland Security Computerized Passenger Screening System Shut Down For 90 Minutes

An interesting incident happened in the US yesterday where the Department of Homeland Security computer system that checks passengers against a terrorist watch list went down for 90 minutes. Not a system wide crash mind you but only at a small number of airports and the crash lasted exactly the same length of time at […]

Thunder Bay – TTC Versus Bombardier Round 2

TTC may sue Bombardier over mounting streetcar delays The TTC threatened to sue Bombardier on Friday after the company announced it would not be able to deliver 23 new streetcars by the end of the year, as promised. The TTC board will consider filing a $50 million claim for late delivery of the streetcars, or […]

Thunder Bay - Smells Like....Desperation

Thunder Bay – Smells Like….Desperation

An interesting addition to the local landscape. This wreaks of desperation to me. If your whole campaign has now resorted to the simple message of “Stop Harper”, something that can be done simply by electing a candidate from any party BUT the Conservatives, then I believe there is trouble a brewin’ below the hood. “Stop […]