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The World – US Defense Budget Includes $1 Billion To Arm And Train Syrian And Ukrainian Rebels…

Another head shaking decision made by the US government. Taking $1 billion in US tax dollars to overthrow one foreign government and prop up another. The US that has no money for public education, medicare, social security, health care, infrastructure renewal, cities, etc but it does have a BILLION dollars to give to foreign rebels.  […]

The World – More Truth Stuff About The Iraq War

An Iraq War FYI.  The invasion was planned by UK PM Blair and US President Bush a year before it happened. The Ukraine. Iraq. Syria. Libya. These are all crises that are planned well in advance by the US and its various allies. There will be more. The only way that this all can work […]

The World – The Elimination of Corporate Risk Only Leaves the Reward Part

In the following video, Stacy and Max (Keiser Report on RT) explain why the global financial system is in trouble….including here in Canada….the solution….and why the solution is too toxic to ever be used. Max mentions risk versus reward and how the element of risk has been eliminated leaving only the reward part.  Not for […]

The World – A World Without McDonalds? Sure. Why Not?

ZeroHedge has an article that announces the decline and fall of the US  McDonald’s empire. Apparently, people are kicking their McHabit and moving on to other eating establishments. McDonald’s not cool.  Plain and simple. Will that happen here in Canada?  Why not?  There are several restaurants that serve better burgers than McDonalds. People will pay […]