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Thunder Bay - Voter Turnout Up...Using Paper Ballots...Whaaat?

Thunder Bay – Voter Turnout Up…Using Paper Ballots…Whaaat?

Voter turnout up in Thunder Bay ridings While voter turnout as a whole was under the national average, numbers across the region are up over 2011. The city averaged a 68.28 per cent turnout Monday across the two local ridings, slightly below the 68.49 per cent average that was the highest turnout across the country […]

Canada - Bad Steve..Bad

Canada – Bad Steve..Bad

The damn dog has ripped up my best country…for the last time!

Ebolapalooza – The Cat Came Back, The Very Next Day, The Cat Came Back, They Thought He Was A Goner But The Cat Came Back, He Just Wouldn’t Stay Away

Ebola ain’t dead yet. Its like the game Whack a Mole. You knock one down in one spot and another pops up somewhere else. The people who contracted Ebola and were supposedly cured, still have the Ebola virus hiding somewhere in their bodies. Scientists are learning just how little they know about viruses.  Good to […]