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Canada – Is Stephan Harper The Worst Prime Minister Ever? Of Course!

An article from The National Observer dated last May and June that makes a compelling argument about the obvious fact that Stephan Harper was the worst Prime Minister that ever is, that ever was and that ever will be…unless we elect a cannibal Prime Minister someday in the future….or a zombie…or a mime.  A mime […]

Thunder Bay – When More Should Be Less

Thunder Bay budget help is needed, Aldo Ruberto says A Thunder Bay city councillor says council needs some outside help when it comes to balancing next year’s budget. During a non-business meeting this week, Aldo Ruberto said that students or businesspeople could find creative ways to raise more money for capital spending. “Somebody from the […]

Canada – Electoral Reform….Will It Be A Promise Kept Or Broken?

Electoral Reform…I’ll believe when I see it. Still, the Liberals do have a major incentive to get this done.  Its called getting elected….ever again! The Liberals, with their majority government, better adopt another system of voting such as ranked ballots  or we will be seeing the vote splitting issues come up during every election.  The […]

The World - Saudi Arabia Running Budget Deficit

The World – Saudi Arabia Running Budget Deficit

Saudi Arabia running a budget deficit…sign of the times.  The irony is that the low price of oil, which is hurting the Saudi economy, is caused by Saudi Arabia itself. Saudi Arabia increased oil production to hurt other oil producers such as Russia and US frackers. Five years and the Saudis will be out of […]