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The World – America Sucks Less….The Song

…except for Canada…we got a good thing going… I guess this song would be considered “sweet lemons”.  Pretty funny and the fact that it was a country tune makes it even more special. Too bad the American government is such a hypocritical and corrupt pile of shit because its citizens, well all the ones I […]

The World – Airport Security Is Not Really Secure

An interesting piece of humour that is sadly very true.  Unfortunately, if you want to get on the plane, you have to play along. Its American so you have to substitute CATSA with TSA .  Related posts here and here.

Canada - Bovine Growth Hormone In Your Milk?  Oh Yeah!

Canada – Bovine Growth Hormone In Your Milk? Oh Yeah!

The benefits of TPP participation start to slowly come to light… TPP would allow milk from cows receiving hormones into Canada U.S. allows bovine growth hormone currently banned in Canada As dairy imports from the United States appear set to increase under the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Canadian consumers concerned about drinking […]

Thunder Bay – Budget Shortfalls…Better Get Used To Them

This is going to be an annual event….City of Thunder Bay budget problems. It is only going to get worse. City could face $1.7 million shortfall by year’s end The city could be up to $1.7 million over budget by the end of the year. Revenue shortfalls mainly due to lower than expected consumption in […]

Thunder Bay – A Contract Is A Contract Unless Its A Contract With Bombardier…Then Its More Of A Theoretical Concept

Mauro to ‘remind’ TTC of Ontario’s commitment to Toronto transit Bill Mauro intends to meet with the Toronto Transit Commission next week to deliver some choice words on the province’s transit investments and its relationship with Thunder Bay’s Bombardier plant. The Thunder Bay-Atikokan MPP is concerned over what he called the TTC’s “sabre-rattling” Oct. 16 announcement that it’s considering suing […]

Thunder Bay - Civic Pride Starts At Home

Thunder Bay – Civic Pride Starts At Home

Job action at public schools are apparently taking a toll on tidiness Dirty hallways and unkempt entrances are greeting visitors to local school as the union representing custodial, maintenance and cafeteria staff continues their job action. For the past three weeks, workers represented by the Canadian Public Employees Union have been engaged in a limited […]