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Thunder Bay - The Lyceum Building Update

Thunder Bay – The Lyceum Building Update

Walk passed this building every day. These are photos from today, Sunday October 25,2015. No sign of any work. At Least two doors unlocked. Open windows. Birds and who knows what else living inside. The Prince Arthur Hotel must love having this urban nightmare located right across the street.  White Birch restaurant loves having the […]

The Word – Halloween Asteroid Update

An update on the Halloween asteroid mentioned in a previous post.  It looks like the object will not hit earth this time. Scary fact… ….Had the asteroid been on a collision course with Earth, three-weeks’ notice “would have been too late to do anything about it”, Chodas told Popular Science….. “An asteroid of this size […]

The World – The Real Fucking Economic News

Jonathon Pie: Real fucking economic news.  The economy explained using words that everyone can understand.  Related post here and here Uncensored version below Want more? Here you go…

Thunder Bay - Who Voted For This Guy?  Come On....Hands Up If You Voted For This Guy!

Thunder Bay – Who Voted For This Guy? Come On….Hands Up If You Voted For This Guy!

‘Every major franchise’ appealing for lower taxes Every major franchise in the city is appealing its property assessment, seeking to reduce its tax payments to the municipality. Of the 101 local properties appealing their values, 76 are commercial businesses and another 18 are industrial. Along with seven residential owners, the appeals represent $500-million in property […]

The World – Typhoon Patricia…Not Hurricane Patricia

Look, its not Hurricane Patricia like every media outlet has been calling the giant storm that just ravaged Mexico. Patricia is a typhoon.  Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are all the same type of storm system. Hurricanes are Atlantic Ocean storms. Typhoons are Pacific Ocean storms and cyclones are Indian Ocean storms. Patricia is a Pacific […]

The World – US Retail Apocalypse Has Begun

Is the economy worse than we are being told? Yes.  Oh yes. Governments and the mainstream media are hiding the truth to avoid mass panic. The US is our largest trading partner. The Canadian economy is directly linked to American economy which may not be a good thing. People don’t have money to spend. Its […]