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Thunder Bay – Bombardier Still In The Game But Does It Matter?

Bombardier fighting to ramp up production amid TTC lawsuit pressure On Wednesday the board unanimously decided to go ahead with a $50 million lawsuit against the company over delays in its ability to deliver new streetcars, built in Thunder Bay, to Toronto. Unifor Local 1075 president Dominic Pasqualino said there is a silver lining in […]

Thunder Bay – Another Blip In The Big Picture

Another blip in the TBPD’s big picture….Luckily there is no shortage of pedestrians in Thunder Bay. Drivers in Thunder Bay think that they own the entire street. Pedestrians and cyclists setting foot/tire on a City of Thunder Bay street risk death on a daily basis.  I am not exaggerating one bit.  Its THAT BAD! Alleged […]

Thunder Bay - Updates - Waterfront Fountain And Bay Street Closure

Thunder Bay – Updates – Waterfront Fountain And Bay Street Closure

Last week, the fountain coolant leak has been repaired.  Still lots of leaves on the trees around the fountain/rink area.  I wonder if the City of Thunder Bay will wait for them to fall off the trees in their own time or are the taxpayers going to pay for a manual removal operation.  Yes, city […]