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The World -  Hundreds of Unregistered "Refugees" Mysteriously Disappear In Germany...Oh Goody!

The World – Hundreds of Unregistered “Refugees” Mysteriously Disappear In Germany…Oh Goody!

Maybe they just all stepped out for a smoke? Oh well, hundreds, probably thousands, of anonymous young “refugees” from the very heart of terrorist central running loose in Europe.  What is the worst that could happen?  (previous post here) Hundreds Of Refugees In Germany “Mysteriously Disappear”; Local Authorities Clueless Where They Are In the latest, […]

Canada - Who's The Boss?

Canada – Who’s The Boss?

CAnada Said to Consult Obama Before Opening Fighter-Jet Bidding Incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will consult U.S. President Barack Obama before restarting a process to replace Canada’s aging fleet of combat jets, in a bid to head off damage to relations between the two countries, according to an official familiar with the plans. Trudeau’s Liberals campaigned […]

The World – EU Gives Snowden Protection From Prosecution

The EU Parliament narrowly voted in favour of to drop all charges against Edward Snowden and protect him against third party extradition and rendition. Will any European country abide by the vote? Will any European country give whistleblower Edward Snowden sanctuary against the US? Is it a trap being set by the US lure Mr. […]

Thunder Bay – Food Drives

If you are going to donate, then donate cash if you can….Cash allows food banks/Shelter House to buy better and fresher food… So donate canned and packaged food and that is OK but if you can afford to, donate cash. Exceeding the Best Before date is not a reason to throw away your food. Seriously.