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Thunder Bay – Like Flies To …Ummmm…Manure

The the big picture blipping continues. Of course, its the fault of the pedestrian for daring to cross a street….with a child in a stroller?  What could she have been thinking? I’m surprised that she was only struck by ONE vehicle.  A woman and stroller stepping off of a curb onto a street normally attracts […]

The World – People Are Finally Starting To Stand Up And Speak Out

People, including American politicians,  are finally understanding the fact the the US is involved in an illegal war to overthrow a democratically elected government. AND they are starting to speak out. and then there is this article  from ZeroHedge that is even more telling… Iraq To Washington: “We Don’t Need Your Help Fighting Terrorism” Perhaps […]

Thunder Bay – Burgeoning Shithole Numbers?

Fundraiser to proceed, Eaton’s building owner fined $25,000 The Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s Saturday night Halloween fundraiser will proceed after an eleventh-hour effort that fixed fire code violations in the former Eaton’s building. The Justice of the Peace handed the building’s owner a $25,000 fine on Friday morning, citing fire code violations ranging from failing […]

The World – Mass Gains Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater Than Losses

I guess if you are going to make an argument for global warming…I mean climate change, then you can’t use the southern hemisphere for any  an examples. There is more to this climate change thing other than humans.  Still, and I have to make this clear, I believe that we are making a real effort […]