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Thunder Bay - Unobstructed Lines Of Sight At Intersections

Thunder Bay – Unobstructed Lines Of Sight At Intersections

This is something that is basic in road design…Making sure that intersections have unobstructed sight-lines for drivers and for pedestrians. This is even MORE urgent at intersections that do not have traffic lights. For some reason, the City of Thunder Bay planted trees, installed giant flower pots and placed benches at the Cornwall Street and […]

The World – Polar Bears…Remember The Polar Bears?

With The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference starting, here is one more question for the “so called ” experts to answer…Polar Bears..what is really going on with polar bears? show notes here

Thunder Bay - Weekend Wanderings..

Thunder Bay – Weekend Wanderings..

This is the state of Thunder Bay’s sidewalks in the fall and spring. This is the situation that pedestrians must face on a daily basis. Property owners discharging water onto the public sidewalks…and nobody cares. This has been going on for years….Why?  Why is this allowed to continue year in and year out? The City […]

The World – $100,000 Global Warming Believer Challenge

There is a reason why the term Global Warming was dropped and replaced with the term Climate Change. Interesting contest to come out just prior to the big Paris Climate Change Summit.  You can bet that corporations, scientists and consultants are going to make a fortune off of this initiative. Wait until the market for […]

The World – Is Saudi Arabia A Daesh That Made It?

Saudi Arabia is Daesh. Saudi Arabia is ISIS. Saudi Arabia shares almost all of the religious beliefs with the terrorist group….especially beheadings…Saudi Arabia LOVE to behead people. Is Saudi Arabia a real world example of what an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will look like?  Yes…eventually.   Maybe 100 years from now. Today and for […]

Thunder Bay – Replacing The Fort William Gardens

6.0  CITY ISSUES Event Centre A brief discussion was held about the proposed event centre. It was noted that the City does need a facility to replace the aging Fort William Gardens. There are opportunities for efficiencies between the Community Auditorium and the Gardens with the ticket purchasing system. – October 8, 2015 – Northwood […]

Canada – Violent Crime Stalks Aboriginal Canadians: Study

No surprises here. This is the elephant in the city.   The elephant in the City of Thunder Bay. The sad thing is that there is little if anything that can be done to change things.  Nothing.  Throw more money at it?  Hasn’t worked so far. People can meet and talk about it.  Try to come […]

The World – Why America Funded Wahhabism In The Eighties

In this video, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks explains how the Middle East was turned into a playground for the head-chopping religious fundamentalists  that we know and love today. Of course, the US had a lot to do with it…no surprise there.

Canada - Trade Agreements  - Canadian Laws Written By Other Countries

Canada – Trade Agreements – Canadian Laws Written By Other Countries

What trade agreements such as NAFTA and the TPP ensure is that Canadian trade rules and regulations will be written by the country with the lowest environmental laws and standards. Will it even be worthwhile for the Canadian government to make any laws, regulations or standards that are more stringent that those of its trading […]