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Canada - The Opposite Of Good Is Good

Canada – The Opposite Of Good Is Good

Canada sheds 35,700 jobs in November, unemployment rate up to 7.1% The job losses, which were almost four times larger than the 10,000 that economists had been expecting, forced the national unemployment rate up slightly to 7.1 per cent, from seven per cent in October. While the economy lost a total of 72,000 part-time jobs last month, it also added […]

The World – Finland Moving Toward Universal Income

Now this is interesting.  Finland is preparing to pay all of its citizens a universal monthly tax-free income. I am not sure how Finland is going to find the money without taxing the daylights out of all other incomes.  The money has to come from somewhere. You can bet the world will be watching. I […]

The World – Merchants Of Doubt

Merchants of Doubt is a documentary on Netflix right now.  There is also a book that , I assume, the documentary is based on. A documentary that looks at pundits-for-hire who present themselves as scientific authorities as they speak about topics like toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and climate change. Worth a view or read if you […]

The World – WAR….HUH…What Is It Good For? Money…Lots And Lots Of Money

War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing – Edwin Starr, War Absolutely nothing…..except for making a huge pile of cash for the global military industrial complex and the politicians who support it.  Other than that, war is good for absolutely nothing. If you are interested in who profits from all these regional […]