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The World – What Is The Global Average Temperature?

More climate change information from the Corbett Report. FYI for anyone who still cares. How do you calculate the average temperature of a planet?

The World – Obama Fed Up With Gun Deaths…But Only Gun Deaths Inside The US…Outside the US, Gun Deaths Are Just Fine

Obama is fed up with all the mass shootings and other gun deaths that occur in the US on a daily basis. There needs to be some control over guns, he says. Sadly, he is not fed up with all the mass killings that his foreign policy and continuous war mongering is causing all over […]

The World – Fukushima Radioactivity Detected Off Coast Of U.S., Canada

Funny that Fukushima is never mentioned in the media anymore.  Not mentioned at the Paris Climate Change media event last week either. Interesting… The fact that nuclear radiation is measurable on the other side of the Pacific Ocean from the source of the pollution seems to be a big deal to me. The Pacific Ocean […]