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Thunder Bay - Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.....Why No "Prevention" Strategy?

Thunder Bay – Climate Change Adaptation Strategy…..Why No “Prevention” Strategy?

Council approves climate change adaptation strategy Thunder Bay City Council officially approved the City’s new Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in principle last night. “As a City Councillor, a father, a husband, a scientist and an educator, I am very proud that our City has solidified its commitment to address climate change at a local level,” […]

Thunder Bay – Schools Should Be Gun-Free Zones

High school students crunch numbers with blood spatter As a high school student, Michael Sweitzer never thought he’d find a use for trigonometry. But 30 years later the detective and blood spatter expert with the Thunder Bay Police Service is proving his young self wrong and showing a new generation of math students how math […]

Thunder Bay – The Blip In The Big Picture Is Starting Gets Noticable

Woman in hospital after collision at intersection of Bay and Water streets A woman was rushed to hospital after being struck by a vehicle at rush hour Wednesday evening. Emergency responders were called to the intersection of Water and Bay streets shortly after 5 p.m. after a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle. – Tbnewswatch […]