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The World – Existing EU Carbon Trading Scheme Expensive Failure….So Lets Take It Global

Some interesting info on several topics. The failure of the EU Carbon Trading Scheme is extremely topical after the UN Climate Change Conference held in Paris over the passed two weeks. As I have said on many occasion, the entire climate change crisis is all about taking money out of you pocket and putting it […]

Thunder Bay -  Pedestrians Versus Drivers....Drivers Are Winning

Thunder Bay – Pedestrians Versus Drivers….Drivers Are Winning

The war on pedestrians continues…. Vehicle collisions involving pedestrians on the rise Preliminary data shows an additional seven collisions in October and nine in November, bringing the unofficial 11-month total to 67. Traffic Sgt. Glenn Porter is at a loss to explain the cause of the increase. “Any collision that causes injury is a huge […]

Thunder Bay – Racism In Thunder Bay …. Always Been There….Ain’t Going Away Any Time Soon

Racist versus bigot – The main difference between racist and bigot is that racism discriminates on the basis of race, whereas a bigot discriminates on the basis of his personal opinion, which can include race, gender, religion or beliefs. Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And […]