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Thunder Bay - Happy New Year

Thunder Bay – Happy New Year

Lets see what 2017 has in store for our city….our province….our country…..the world.  We are living in interesting times.

The World – Online Censorship Is A Real Thing

Free speech in the US?  First constitutional amendment. Does that matter?  Not to Google. What is really happening in Syria?  Good question. Warning..Strong Language. Jimmy swears a lot.

Thunder Bay – Hail The Maintainers

An interesting article forwarded to me by J.C. makes an good point. That maintaining  infrastructure matters more to people than so-called innovation. This is something that our high salaried residents of City Hall need to understand.  People benefit more from living in a well maintained city than a city where infrastructure is allowed to rust and rot […]

Thunder Bay – Order Of Canada

Pat Lang named to Order of Canada Former Confederation College president Patricia Lang has received one of her country’s highest honours. Lang on Friday was made a member of the Order of Canada, one of 100 named to the Order of Canada, announced by Governor General David Johnston. Lang was honoured for “her commitment to […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Back from a week in Toronto. I will post some photos of that trip in the future. For now, its just an update tour of the neighbourhood. Sidewalk plows continue to pull up grass.  Maybe sidewalk designs have to take snow removal into account? I see this crosswalk button has been repaired. If you remember, […]

Thunder Bay – Avoiding Toronto and Thunder Bay’s Mistakes

Land sale brings Mississauga closer to a waterfront that avoids Toronto’s (and Thunder Bay’s?) mistakes With purchase of a key piece of land in Mississauga’s Port Credit area, the city is one step closer to realizing its vision for a waterfront that takes its cues from urban planning in Copenhagen, Chicago and Paris and avoids […]

The World – Obama On Syria..How Many Lies Can One Person Tell In A Couple Of Minutes?

Some Jimmy Dore Show to get you in that Christmas mood. Beware..there is swearing

Thunder Bay - 'Tis the Season

Thunder Bay – ‘Tis the Season

Tuesday, there was a contractor putting up Christmas lights on a pair of trees in Marina Park Why was this work left until December 20?  The cost would have been the same had the work been done a week earlier or a month earlier. Its almost like this was a last minute decision. Also, after […]

Thunder Bay – Season’s Greetings

Things are going to slow down here over the holidays.  I hope to still get some posts up here and there but family is going to be taking up most of my time for the next week or so. Be safe.

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Street lights were installed, this week,  along the new section of Marina Park Drive that runs between the new south parking lot and the proposed $40 million plus 100% taxpayer funded waterfrint art gallery. What is interesting is that the lights are spaced further apart than the street lights previously installed along Marina Park Drive. […]