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Thunder Bay - Nipigon River Bridge Prefab Construction

Thunder Bay – Nipigon River Bridge Prefab Construction

Nipigon bridge engineers based in Spain “The engineering company that was hired to do this is based out of Spain, so do they have the experience and knowledge to design a bridge in the cold weather we have in Canada that they don’t have in southern Europe?” he said in a phone interview Monday. Engineering […]

The World - Pesticides Killing Bees...Surprise!

The World – Pesticides Killing Bees…Surprise!

The EPA Finally Admitted That the World’s Most Popular Pesticide Kills Bees—20 Years Too Late Bees are dying in record numbers—and now the government admits that an extremely common pesticide is at least partially to blame. For more than a decade, the Environmental Protection Agency has been under pressure from environmentalists and beekeepers to reconsider […]