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The World – Low Interest Rates Being Used As Economic Weapon Against Workers

Here is another Keiser Report video that you may find interesting. The first half deals with how low interest rates and cheap cash are being used to keep workers and citizens down.  Keep wages low.  Force savers to take their money out of banks and invest it in the casino known as the stock market. […]

The World – Methane Geyser Update

Just when you thought the methane geyser in southern California could not get worse, you read this… TV: Radioactive material reportedly now being released from massive gas blowout in LA — Byproduct of Uranium — Expert: “A lot” has been detected in area… Very dangerous… May be coming up from ground into people’s homes — […]

Thunder Bay - Vaccine Misconceptions?  Are They?  Who Knows?

Thunder Bay – Vaccine Misconceptions? Are They? Who Knows?

Michael Poling had a Letter to the Editor published on the Tbnewsatch website yesterday. Mr. Poling made many claims as to the effectiveness of ALL vaccines, the altruistic nature of Big Pharma and how the medical profession receives no financial support/incentives from pharmaceutical corporations…..Big Pharma. It would be extremely helpful to we, the ignorant masses […]

Canada - Mom Liked You Best

Canada – Mom Liked You Best

Too funny.  With all levels of government bending over backwards to do everything possible to import 25,000 or more refugees into the country, including spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars…including thousands of private organizations sponsoring of foreign refugees… Canada has a lot of homeless people, living on the street, in parks, in abandoned buildings.  […]