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The World - Are We Witnessing The Coming Of The New World Order?

The World – Are We Witnessing The Coming Of The New World Order?

Is this what the whole global economic collapse is about? Is this what the destabilization of the EU all about?  The creation of a New World Order and a new global currency rising from the ashes of the current world economic? (conspiracy theorist alert!) All countries of the world are finding their economies failing.  All […]

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Police Officer’s Gun Stolen…Remember? So What Happened?

Remember this story from last October? Thunder Bay police officer’s gun, ammunition stolen An intense search for a police-issued pistol that was stolen this weekend is underway in Thunder Bay. The Glock 26, along with three magazines of ammunition, were in a backpack investigators say was taken from an officer’s personal vehicle. The theft occurred […]

Thunder Bay - Waterfront Wednesday...Plus

Thunder Bay – Waterfront Wednesday…Plus

The new waterfront skating rink. The skating rink installed just prior to the Hometown Hockey event?  The rink that is sucking scarce maintenance funds from Thunder Bay’s $60 million plus premier tourist destination. The problem that I noticed with this ice surface is that there is no place for people to sit down.  You know, […]

The World – Qadaffi Had To Die Because France And The US Wanted It

Libya…a failed state after the murder of its leader, Col.Muammar Qaddafi by NATO. Why was he killed? What was his crime? Human Rights issues? Mass murderer? Of course not. Money..he was murdered because of money.  This is precisely how countries are kept in line by the global economic powers.  Do as we say have your […]

Canada – TPP Will Be An Economic Disaster…..Hurray!

  TPP’s Economic Impact Will Be Fewer Jobs, More Inequality, New Study Says The Trans-Pacific Partnership meant to create the world’s largest free trade area will cost Canada 58,000 jobs and increase income inequality, says a new U.S. study. Perhaps more surprisingly, the study found that the two largest economies in the TPP — the […]

Thunder Bay – Lead Water Pipes

Why is nobody talking about removing/replacing all the lead pipes in the city as part of the proposed Federal Infrastructure program? Why is this not considered a shovel ready project?  Its a public health issue. Why is our City Hall only considering a $120 million hockey rink for Federal/Provincial infrastructure funding?

Thunder Bay – There’s A Fiscal Shitstorm A’ Brewin’

Every additional dollar taken by the police department is a dollar not available for any other city services.  Other city jobs. As the Canadian economy crumbles and people are lose their jobs, property assessment will fall.  When property tax income dries up, City Hall will have some hard decisions to make and those decisions will include  the number […]