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Thunder Bay - City To Pay Entire Cost Of $120 million Hockey Rink - Updated

Thunder Bay – City To Pay Entire Cost Of $120 million Hockey Rink – Updated

Update January 28, 2016: the claim that the City of Moncton borrowing “$96 million” to pay for the event centre has been removed and replaced with the term “may borrow up to $96 million.  That  exact amount that will be borrowed  is not known as of yet. The statement “Metropolitan Moncton New Brunswick is the […]

The World – Zika Virus

Research Begins Into Possibility Of A Vaccine For Zika Virus The U.S. government is beginning research into a possible vaccine for the mosquito-borne Zika virus that is suspected of causing an unusual birth defect as it spreads in Latin America. Don’t expect protection anytime soon — vaccine development typically takes years. “This is not going […]

Thunder Bay – Another “Rat” Has Abandoned The Ship

City’s GM of community services officially resigns Another manager has left the city. General Manager of Community Services Michael Smith’s resignation was announced Wednesday. Smith will be taking a job somewhere in Southern Ontario. Smith, who’d been with the city since 2011 played a key role in the city’s event centre process as facilities, fleet […]

Canada – The War On Cash Continued

They want your money.  They want to spend your money. This is the main reason that governments and banks want to eliminate cash. When there is no longer cash and all your money is digital then governments and banks can force you to spend your cash.  How?  Negative interest rate. You will be charged if […]

The World – Will AI Be The End Of Humanity?

The other day I was thinking. Surprise! I do that now and then. Anyway, I thought about retirement. Retired people. Seniors. Exactly what purpose do we, retired seniors serve? If you really think about it, retired people are surplus to the needs of the community. A draw on resources. A taker and not a giver. […]

The World - Its All About Control

The World – Its All About Control

I am sure this is happening in Canada right now. In Thunder Bay right now. How long will it be before law enforcement comes knocking on your door and asks you about your social media postings?   Its all about control. Control thought. Control opinion. Crush public decent . The mainstream media is under the […]

Thunder Bay - We Need A State Of Prince Arthur's Landing Address

Thunder Bay – We Need A State Of Prince Arthur’s Landing Address

With the mayor’s State of the City address come and gone, I believe its time someone in City Hall gives us a State of Prince Arthur’s Landing address. Just what the hell is going on down there?  Is anything ever going to be finished? Ever? Six years into the project  and Phase One is still […]